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Breakfast at Our B&B in Cape Cod

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Breakfast at The Old Harbor Inn consists of more than the food. It’s an opportunity to interact with the staff and in particular, the Innkeepers themselves. Depending on who is on duty that particular morning, you can have Ray give you a “virtual” tour of the Chatham break or Judy can give hints for the best shopping, lunch or sightseeing spots. It’s the perfect time to get information to help plan your day if you haven’t already done so. Tanya, our Manager, is also available to direct you to that “perfect” spot not to miss.

The breakfast at The Old Harbor Inn consists of two parts. Every day there is a portion of the breakfast that is a buffet. You have choices of fresh fruit salad, cereal, granola, yogurt, assorted teas, brewed coffee and a breadbasket consisting of whole wheat and raisin bread, English muffins and bagels. The second part of breakfast is the hot entree and fresh baked item.

There are the freshly prepared hot entrees each day. Each morning we prepare an entree such as buttermilk pancakes served with or without blueberries. Omelets with bacon, cheese or veggies are a favorite. Hot, blueberry-stuffed French Toast with blueberry sauce is a feast for the eye and taste buds. Spinach and tomato quiche, with its melt-in-your-mouth crust, is a huge hit with our guests.

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Tanya and Judy are constantly on the lookout for “special” recipes to be used for the daily fresh-baked item. Pumpkin squares with cream cheese frosting are a big hit. Blueberry crumb cake is a frequently requested recipe (which we gladly share with our guests). Italian coffee cake (with raisin, orange zest and juice) flavored with anise is ever so tasty toasted with butter on top. French Breakfast muffins, made with nutmeg and dipped in butter then cinnamon, vanilla and sugar, are light but taste ever so rich.

As always, there are items for our guests who have gluten or dairy restricted diets.
Breakfast is served from 8:00 to 9:30 a.m. During late spring, summer and early fall, in addition to serving breakfast in our east-facing breakfast room, we also serve on our beautiful deck. The deck is a favorite place for the guests to dine.

After breakfast is over, fresh-brewed coffee, teas and baked items are available throughout the day. After the Innkeepers retire, a supply of hot water, a Keurig machine and goodies are available for that late night snack or extra early morning coffee or tea.

Here are a few of our guests’ most requested recipes:

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