Girls Weekend on Cape Cod

Girls Weekend on Cape Cod at The Old Harbor Inn
Girlfriend, best friend, sister friend, we all have them!

I would venture to guess that many of us have at least one of these types of women friends or maybe all three of these types of women in our lives. I’ve come to rely on my best friends and look upon them as sisters, thus sister friends.

Having no sisters only brothers (whom I adore), I always felt that there was something missing. Not sure what that was. Perhaps someone to tell my deepest thoughts or secrets to or just to share a “girl” moment and laugh with when you least expect it. With parents who lived in FL nearly all our married life, it was hard to adjust to not having my Mom nearby to do fun, girly things with whenever the moment presented itself.

You may be wondering why this subject is being brought up at all? Here’s the thing, having sister-friends is totally amazing. And I would suggest that it’s time to think about expanding your relationship with the women who have helped make you who you are or how you think. Think about the women who have been there for you and you for them when no one else could comprehend what you have been going through. How may you ask can happen? Easy, plan a sister-friend get-a-way! It doesn’t have to be some long, costly trip halfway around the world. It can be as close as a tank away from where you live. But the plan should be simple, not complex. Begin with something as simple as enjoying going to a movie together or having dinner at someplace you’ve never been before. Exploring beaches, shopping, or just enjoying each other’s company is a simple, inexpensive option.
Here in New England, fun places to explore are really just a tank away. And what I’m getting at and trying to lead you to is Chatham, MA. Arguably, we think Chatham has the best of all worlds. Chatham is 90 miles from Boston or Providence, 2-4 hours from New Hampshire, New York, Connecticut, or Rhode Island. We are surrounded by Nantucket Sound or the open Atlantic Ocean. Chatham is part of the National Seashore where there are many trails and beaches to explore.

The downtown area in Chatham, MA is a collection of fun, hip, and trendy stores that have something to offer everyone. Here at The Old Harbor Inn in Chatham, MA, there are several wonderful restaurants that are an easy walk, just steps away. And don’t forget, the Chatham Orpheum Movie Theater is literally, just around the corner from the Inn.
Spring is here and the weather is warming up fast so what would be more fun than a “sister-friend”, “mother-daughter” shopping weekend. Check out the Chatham Main Street Stores and Restaurants and plan a weekend in the days of or leading up to Mother’s Day. And don’t forget about our Special Mother’s Day High Tea on May 5,2018 from 3 to 5 p.m. It’s not to be missed. Give us a call at 800-942-4434 or check out our website.

We are all guilty of procrastinating and wishing that we should have planned this or traveled there and putting off spending time with close “sister friends”. What are you waiting for? Make that call to that special “girlfriend that would do anything for you” and plan your special “sister-friend” getaway!

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