Renew, Rebirth Spring on Cape Cod!

While driving around Chatham doing the “drive” I like to do whenever I have the chance, I noticed how everything around is starting to come to life. Yards are being raked, repairs and building is going on and most of all things in general are going through a “rebirth . We all want it and can’t wait for it!!!!! Spring!

Now that Daylight Saving Time has come, I think we all feel better having it lighter longer. We start to think that warmer weather is on the way and can now think about outside activities.

Here at The Old Harbor Inn, we are getting ready to open and welcoming back repeat guests and looking forward to welcoming new guests. Spring cleaning has begun and we are excited about what the 2018 season will bring.

For many of us, thoughts turn to planning a summer vacation or just a quick getaway. The trend in the States, particularly of late, has been to take shorter vacations where our guests from abroad have four weeks’ vacation from the start of their employment. In the States, you will have to work 10, 15 or 20 years to receive four weeks’ vacation!
There’s no time like the present to start your plan. Tank away trips make it easy to jump in the car and start exploring. There is no place like Cape Cod to do just that. The National Seashore is just the place to get started.

The Sand Dunes of Provincetown are ever present and ever changing. The soft curves of the many grass covered dunes are hypnotic and peaceful in their beauty. Walking along the shore can deliver surprises as you collect driftwood, shells or spot a sea hauled out or the spout of Humpback Whales returning to their feeding grounds. The Dolphin Whale Watching Fleet begins their season on April 13th. If you have never been whale watching, it’s a must for your bucket list. 

For the brave and strong of leg and heart, climbing the Pilgrim Tower in Provincetown rewards you with a spectacular, panoramic view of Provincetown Harbor. The Tower and Museum open April 1st for the season. There are 116 steps and 60 ramps (sorry, no elevators)

Would you like to know more about wine? We have just the place for you, Truro Vineyards of Cape Cod. Enjoy a tour of the vineyard and outbuildings or partake in a wine tasting. They also distill rum on site as well. Twenty Boat Hand Crafted, Cape Cod Distilled Rum. Need I say more. Visit their website for hours and special events.

I’ve given you a few ideas. Believe me, there are endless things to do. Or you can just come and relax and unwind from your stressful, hectic lives. The hardest part, like so many things we do is just to begin. Speaking from experience, getting started at doing whatever it is you need or like to do is the beginning.

So back to the beginning……renew, rebirth and most of all get ready to welcome spring! It’s coming, so start now and you’ll be ready to enjoy at that it has to offer. With spring, summer is not far behind and it’s never too early to get ready!

We look forward to having you here on Cape Cod, in Chatham at The Old Harbor Inn winter, spring, summer or fall.

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