Off season getaway to Cape Cod

Why wait for summer? Plan a Cape Cod getaway NOW!

Everyone wants to plan a summer vacation. But, why not think “right now”? You don’t have to wait until summer. With the way the winter has been going for many of us, just a change of scenery would do you a world of good. It doesn’t have to be anything bombastic; it can be a tank, ½ a tank or 2 hours away, just a change.

Cape Cod is very accessible for travelers in the Northeast. The stunning scenery is everywhere. And believe it or not, the snow we’ve gotten lately has made it more beautiful.
Imagine exploring Sandwich, MA and checking out the Sandwich Glass Museum or taking a walk on the boardwalk in Sandwich and have a wonderful view of Cape Cod Bay. More than likely you will have a great experience and not encounter crowds. Unwind after either one of these activities at the Dunbar Tea Room. Amazing! Their special Dunbar Tea Blend has a taste, unlike anything you have ever had. For something different, try their high tea selection of sandwiches, scones, and pastries. 

Don’t forget to make your way along the National Seashore. It begins in Chatham and extends to the tip of Provincetown, MA. The shifting sand and hypnotic wave of the seagrass is a magical sight. If you are lucky enough to be at Race Point or Herring Cove near the end of March beginning of April, you might see the whales making their way back “home”. Highland Light in Truro is a must see. It was moved back 250 feet from the edge of the cliff back in 1996 to prevent it from falling into the sea. Tours are available from May to October but is still a great destination when you can have the view all to yourself. 
Is wine your thing? Don’t miss the Truro Vineyards. They will reopen April 3 and they are well worth the trip. They offer tastings for $10 and you get to keep the glass! 

Another interesting perspective of Cape Cod is a visit to the Brewster Museum of Natural History. There are trails that let you explore along Cape Cod Bay. 
Nauset Beach is an amazing stretch of coastline. During our many winter storms this year and in years past, the winds from the Nor’easters have constantly reshaped the landscape. Waves are at the whim of the wind as you watch them come crashing to the shore. You can literally walk for miles along this beautiful beach. Often you can see brave surfers trying to catch that “perfect” wave.

Come to the “elbow” of Cape Cod and you are in Chatham, MA. This is where the “east wind” comes ashore. Arguably, it is the most beautiful place on Cape Cod. As you reach the parking area at the lighthouse, if you are fortunate, you will see seals hauled out along the many newly formed sandbars that have evolved over that last 19 or so years. It is really something to see them. In fact, they almost look like big rocks along the shoreline!

Since we have lived here (19 years June 5th and beginning our 20th season as owners/Innkeepers of The Old Harbor Inn) the view from the parking lot at the lighthouse has changed dramatically. The break that occurred back in the late 80’s which was huge is now getting much smaller. In fact, the channel where the fishing boats return is very narrow especially at low tide. The current is swift and the water is always cold. This is also where summer visitors scan the area for a glimpse of our now well-known summer visitor, the Great White Shark.

A trip to Chatham would not be complete without a visit to The Impudent Oyster, Chatham Squire, The Mayflower, Chatham Candy Manor and the shops! Right now is a special time since many items are on sale as the winter makes way for summer items. BUT don’t wait for the summer, the perfect time for a getaway is now! You need it and you deserve it. Let The Old Harbor Inn help you explore, discover something new and let us pamper you. Please check our offseason Promotions and see which one will fit you best.  

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