Why visit Cape Cod this Spring?

Think warm weather, longer days, sunshine and beautiful ocean views as far as the eye can see. The spring equinox is just around the corner  March 19, 2020, and will mark the astronomical first day of spring. Fun fact is that the word equinox means “equal night”. On this date, the length of day and night is nearly equal in all parts of the world. The long days of spring are something we all look forward to. A sense of renewal and excitement sweeps over us when spring arrives. Blooming flowers and lush landscapes entice us to get outside and enjoy the season.

Consider treating yourself to a much-needed weekend getaway to Cape Cod after the long and cold winter. Walk, hand-in-hand along the National Seashore beaches. Take a deep breath of fresh ocean air and relax.  Let the fresh air fill your lungs as the two of you hug tight in the awe of nature’s wonderment. Return to your cozy room at the Inn for an afternoon snack by the fire and a good read. Then, splurge on a fancy dinner by the ocean. Let go of all the stress that has been weighing on you. Self-care is important, and a relaxing retreat is an ideal option for a couple in need of some downtime.

There is an abundance of outdoor activities during spring on Cape Cod. Get rid of the heavy winter coats and hit the bike trails for spring scenery and a breath of fresh air. Cape Cod Rail Trail follows the path of an old railroad for 22 miles crossing a big portion of the peninsula. Bike rentals are available at multiple locations in town and along the bike trail.

A trip to Cape Cod is not complete without visiting one of the iconic Lighthouses. We have around 14 lighthouses within a short drive from the Inn. Some are active and some are historic and available for tours. The Chatham Lighthouse is a 1.2-mile walk from the Inn. It’s an active Lighthouse open for visitors every Wednesday.

Getaway from it all with a hike on one of Cape Cod’s many trails. A track through the backwoods of Cape Cod can include bird watching and other exciting wildlife sightings. Monomoy National Wildlife Refuge in town is a great place to spot a variety of migrating birds. Did you know that the increasing sunlight is what triggers birds to sing? Many of these birds’ nest and breed on Cape Cod, taking advantage of the variety of habitats the Cape is known for.

Come and join us to celebrate nature’s renewal with Cape Cod’s Best local spring festivals. Make your way to Nantucket (short Ferry ride from the Inn) for the annual Daffodil Festival April. In May, head to Brewster in Bloom Festival. Later in May head to the Heritage Museum and Gardens for the Rhododendron Festival where you can enjoy peaceful walks in the exquisite gardens.

Cape Cod is just as fun prior to the summer season. You can see and do everything for a fraction of the cost. The smaller crowds mean also more intimate experiences, shorter lines, and more personalized attention. The Old Harbor Inn has so much in store for you for the upcoming season from Holiday inspired afternoon tea receptions, to baking classes to wine and cheese in the afternoon we have it all. We reopen for the season April 3, 2020, and cannot wait to see you all this spring!




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