Book Direct – Don’t be fooled!

When you are looking for lodging but not sure of where you want to go, you begin by checking out what the Internet has to offer particularly when you are not familiar with an area.  You could be doing a random search on Google for instance and discover many lodging options hotels, motels, inns and rentals. You like the looks of one of the properties and click on it.  You like what you see and hit “book it now”.   This is when you leave the realm of booking direct. What you don’t know is that Google ranks their local listings based on online travel agencies (OTA’s) availability, so you can only see availability and pricing offered by these third-party websites.

When it comes to making  reservations for lodging, who serves you better? The OTA’s by charging you fees with little personal assistant or the small business owner, the innkeepers with a heart for hospitality, that do it best. We hope you choose to book direct for friendly, personal and knowledgeable customer service.  Don’t misunderstand, there is nothing wrong with booking through a third party online travel agent.   However, keep in mind that OTA’s may often have a different cancellation policy, less availability and higher pricing than the property that you want to go has. For example, our cancellation policy for a direct booking is 21 days prior to arrival with a full refund less a cancellation charge of $75. Many OTA reservations offer a 60 day period or are non-refundable once you book.  Price is also an issue.  What travelers don’t realize, and why would they, is that properties who advertise on OTA’s pay a minimum of 18% commission to them.  Booking direct eliminates the commission and enables favorable pricing and specials that can then be passed on to you the direct booker.

However the way you find your desired place to stay, make sure you find the property’s actual website and reserve there When you book direct, you will find deals and offers you won’t find anywhere else! By calling us directly at 508-945-4434 we can match any OTA’s rates, we guarantee you the lowest pricing available.  You will be able to work directly with us in case of changes, delays and cancellations. Many times we offer free upgrades, welcome gifts and  many exclusive benefits only available for direct customers. A reservation booked directly with us via our website or via a phone call will assure that you get the maximum choices of available rooms, the potential of last minute deals and real, personalized answers to questions only we, the locals of the area know best.

Making contact with the property directly can give you a better sense of what the property is really like and what is has to offer.  Whatever way you choose to make a reservation, choose the way that is most advantageous to you and  think BOOK DIRECT!

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