Thinking about a “work-cation” on Cape Cod this summer?

What is “work-cation”? – simply put is half work and half a vacation. We can all agree that working from home has its pros and cons. The benefits; no commute, the comforts of home, and more family time. However, being stuck at home looking at the same four walls all the time can trigger cabin fever and even depression. You can’t do this forever. You need to get away and have a change of scenery. Who says that working remotely must happen at home? How about setting up your office at the beach? And not just a beach but one of Cape Cod’s pristine National Seashore Beaches?  You could be sitting on a beach reading a report or sending all sorts of correspondence right from the luxury of a comfy chair with the sun and sea all around you!

Our mental health has taken a beating during these uncertain times.  A change of scenery can do wonders for your mind a body.  While you are working remotely, why not take advantage of the remotely part of it and “get re-remoted”.  Take your office from home to anywhere but home!

Why not consider an Inn as your remote office? Small Inns are just the ticket for accomplishing several things. Depending on the accommodations, you can have a cozy room with quiet surroundings, someone to prepare breakfast, snacks and in some instances, serve dinner as well.  At the right property, you will begin to relax and put a new spin on working and relaxing at the same time.  Think about making a mini getaway for you alone or you and your partner.  They would enjoy a change of scenery as well.

For many, the allure of big chain hotels don’t give that same vibe. Inns are known for their hospitality, service, and cleanliness, “safe-cation” destinations that comply with all requirements for safe travel during this time. Catering to their guests is what an Inn is all about.  Who doesn’t like to wake up to the wonderful aroma of bacon cooking in the morning or a fresh-baked good just coming out of the oven?  Afternoons bring more baked goodies and a relaxing beverage to unwind from the day’s work. 

The Old Harbor Inn has everything you need for the ultimate “work-cation”. We provide free high-speed business-class Internet with great coverage in your room and around the Inn. Many indoor and outdoor spaces allow you to get out of the room and work in a quiet environment.  If you need privacy, our guest rooms, especially our Stage Harbor Suite, North Beach, and South Beach rooms can comfortably act as your remote office. 

Don’t want to use vacation days? You can still put in a full eight-hour workday from a beautiful beach destination without sacrificing precious time off. Just book an extended stay where you can have a few days of work followed by a few days to see the scenery. It’s a “win-win” situation. You can spend Friday through Monday relaxing, and only take two days of vacation time for a five-day trip. Having the opportunity to take a scenic walk to the water’s edge or go out for lunch and relax and return to your favorite Inn to finish a few things before thinking about what would be the best place for dinner and an ice cream cone sounds perfect.

Redefining the workplace and how work is accomplished is an ongoing process.  Even a few days away from your home office can give a new perspective and outlook to energize your spirit and give you that change that we all want to have. 

Think about where you want to go and imagine it, then the process will become even more exciting. Your experience can be a tank away, a few hours away, or just a short drive from where you live. There is no limit to what you can accomplish when you change all that is around you and discover something wonderful about a “work-cation”. Come to Chatham and The Old Harbor Inn and get your sanity back! We are here to keep you safe and take good care of you. Book you “work-cation” today!

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