10 Reasons to Book Direct

In the month of February, we celebrate the 4th Annual Book Direct Education Day and we would like to spread the word about the great benefits of booking direct. There are many advantages to bypassing third party channels/online travel agencies (OTAs). We are here to help you personalize your experience, help you optimize dates, and budget and guarantee an amazing vacation. Here are some of the benefits of booking direct:

  1. Book Direct to save money

We strive to provide the best booking experience to our guests on our website by offering exclusive last-minute deals, promotions, and always the best price guaranteed. We will match any website price if you find a lower price. You may not know but large OTAs websites add a high percentage of booking fees to the reservation total and charge us, the property high commissions. Booking directly with us cuts out the middleman and you can always reach out to us directly if you have any questions or concerns.

  1. Better Communication

By booking directly you are guaranteed direct contact with the owner or manager of the property. This means you can get in touch easily without waiting on hold for hours and inquire about services, amenities, packages, and even request a custom itinerary. It’s so much easier to communicate directly with the Innkeepers than to deal with large, impersonal OTAs employees.

  1. Flexibility

During these uncertain times, more than ever domestic and international travelers have concerns, questions, and require more information regarding their vacations. We’ve changed a lot of our policies to accommodate the growing need for flexible cancelations and dining options. It’s almost impossible to get help from OTAs agents with special requests, special food choices, or even to change a reservation. Often, they do not know anything about the property, and they read from a script to answer generic questions. We always work with our guests directly to meet all of their needs before they commit to a booking. Plus, dealing directly with the owners will save you time and will reduce unnecessary stress. 

  1. In-depth knowledge of the destination

We’ve been in business for over 25 years and are proud to say we know the area really well. We are your best destination guide and offer the best concierge services.  We will be happy to create a custom itinerary that will fully satisfy your travel needs. We know the best activities, restaurants, services provided, day trips offered, etc. We have local partnerships and discount deals that can save you time and money.

  1. The Best Price Isn’t on the OTAs

Contrary to popular belief, OTAs don’t actually provide the best price for travelers. For example, we do not sell all of our rooms on those types of websites. We save lower priced rooms to be only bookable directly with us. We do offer a variety of in-season and off-season promotions that can save you anywhere from 5% to 40% off the room rate. When you visit our website or call us directly you will be the first to find out about special offers, discounts, or exclusive deals available only to direct customers.  

  1. Support Small Businesses

Now more than ever, small businesses like ours need your help. Do not limit your search to just OTA sites. Expand your search and visit each property’s individual site, read the reviews, and call the property directly if you have further questions. By supporting a small business, you support your local community. Small businesses create local jobs, strengthen local influence, and creates community relationships.  

  1. Room Choice

Booking directly guarantees you the room you booked. On our website, our twelve rooms are listed by name and offer extensive descriptions and pictures of all the amenities in the room.  This way, when you arrive at the property you know what you are getting. On the contrary, when booking via an OTA most of the time you are given a room type. For example, you have a Queen Room or a King Room. There are minimal details on what exactly you are paying for. This leads to confusion and sometimes disappointment when guests arrive at the property. OTAs advertise the most expensive room photos on even the least expensive rooms. Keep that in mind when you are booking next time!

  1. No Lost Reservation

Booking with an OTA (or thinking that you did) can be somewhat confusing because Internet and software glitches occur, which sometimes results in a lost reservation. With an OTA, this leaves guests out of luck. But when booking directly with us, you will have fewer chances of technical/user errors. Also, when booking online always look at the URL and make sure you see the property website, in our case: www.chathamoldharborinn.com

  1. Minimum Night Requirements

We are a seasonal property and most of our business is concentrated in the summer months from June to September. During these months we have minimum night requirements of 2 to 4 nights depending on the time of year. Because of high demand during these months, we have higher restrictions on the OTAs with minimums going up to 7 nights. By calling us directly, we can offer room options to accommodate longer or shorter stays. We can also offer single night stay that is usually not offered anywhere else.

  1. Special Accommodations

Whether you would like to include a romantic package with your stay or would like diner reservations booked we’ve got you covered. We will work with you directly to make your experience one that is hassle-free and unforgettable. We would like to know you better in order to provide you with the highest level of service. Tell us about food allergies, we will be happy to make your favorite gluten-free dessert. Let us know if you are celebrating a special occasion. We will offer you great enhancements to add to your room. We are here for you to make your trip to Cape Cod one you will remember!

During this uncertain time of travel choose to book direct. We can assure you that the best prices, the best rooms, the best experiences aren’t found on the OTAs; they are found by booking directly by calling us at 508-945-4434 or by visiting our website. #BookDirect   

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