Best Spring Outdoor Activities on Cape Cod

Spring has made its way to Cape Cod and it is a spectacular time of year.  Everywhere you go flowers are starting to bloom and birds are starting to sing.  The dreary winter grays are slowly changing into vibrant blues.  Soon enough this brief season will make way for hot and lazy summer days, so be sure to take the time to savor these long-awaited moments. This is the best time to visit Cape Cod and take advantage of many outdoor activities!

Trees are starting to bud out, and there are beautiful pink blooms starting to show on cherry trees and dogwoods.  If you look closely, pretty little periwinkles are popping up, and graceful branches of forsythia are starting to unfurl their colors.  And a sure sign of warmer months, the rhododendrons and hydrangeas are starting to open their petals.  Our gardens at the Inn are coming alive with color and will be picture perfect for you! 

At the Heritage Museum and Gardens in Sandwich, the 100 acres of gardens are soon to be in full bloom.  The Star Magnolias are brilliant with white flowers, and the beautiful pink blossoms of the crabapples are a vivid burst of color.  If red is your favorite color, the flowering quince trees are sure to be your favorite with their intense buds.  While you are wandering the Gardens, take a break and have a cup of tea at their delightful open-air café, and enjoy the smell of clean air.  Be sure to take your time exploring the Gardens, as they have secret delights hidden around every corner.

The wildlife has started to make an appearance, especially the happy birds that have been hiding out all winter.  Robins are everywhere, their redbreasts another familiar springtime color.  Chickadees are present in the bushes, and we’ve even seen a red-tailed hawk!  At the seaside, plovers and gulls are starting to show up and make some noise.  There has been a sighting of a scarlet tanager in Chatham, and at night you can hear owls calling. 

If you are an avid bird watcher, a stop at the Monomoy National Wildlife Refuge is a must!  As part of a major migratory path, there is no end to the birdlife you can sight here.  Several threatened species make their homes here in summer – the Piping Plover, the American Oyster Catcher, the Roseate Tern, and the Red Knot, just to name a few.  You may also see some of the many shorebirds, including egrets, yellowlegs, ibis, and many different species of sandpipers.  South Monomoy Island in the distance is home to the largest colony of common terns in New England, so don’t be surprised if you see some of them flying by.  If you are a fan of ducks, keep an eye out for eiders, scoters, buffleheads, harlequins, and long tails, just to name a few.

On top of all the birdlife, there are plenty of four-legged and flippered critters to watch out for.  On many of the beaches and harbors, you can spot our famous seals playing in the water or sunning themselves in the sand.  Wild turkeys will cross the road with no fear, so keep an eye out for them in your travels.  Coyotes are also common, as are red foxes.  If you are off the beaten path on one of the many nature trails, you may spot a deer or two off in the trees.  Of course, we also recommend taking a Dolphin Fleet’s Whale Watching tour where you can see North Atlantic right whales, porpoises, dolphins, sharks, and with luck, some other species of whales.

There are so many other ways to get out and embrace the sun.  Rent a kayak or paddleboard from the Chatham Kayak Company and take it to the water on the Oyster River.  If you feel like exploring a little more, you can take a kayak tour with Cape Kayaking and get a different perspective of Monomoy Wildlife Refuge or take their sunset trip and enjoy a different set of spectacular colors.  For a bird’s-eye view of the Cape, Stick’n Rudder Aero Tours offers a ride not to be miss.  From 15 minutes to an hour depending on how much of the Cape you would like to see, this trip in either a bi-plane or a three-seater Cessna is certainly one of a kind.   Art’s Dune Tours in Provincetown offers a great insight into the sandy glory of the National Seashore.  This informative tour takes you through the protected dunes, and you can even add on dinner and a bonfire for a fun evening under the stars.  For the fisherman in the family, you can charter a fishing boat to take you out and test your luck on the water.  There are many different companies that you can use, with Cape Shore Charters and Got Stryper Charters being the top picks.  If you are a golfer, Chatham Seaside Links is right down the road from the Inn.  Or, for the less serious golfer, take your pick of the many themed mini-golf courses that line Route 28.

However, if you like to experience the springtime sun, Cape Cod provides you with many options.  For nature lovers especially, this is the ideal time of year to get out to see and experience the wonders of the outdoors.  We would love to help you plan the perfect vacation to make the most of your visit to this one-of-a-kind paradise. For reservations and more information please call us directly at 508-945-4434 or visit our website

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