How to stay healthy in 2021?

The new year is here and it’s time to set some New Year’s resolutions. You could set new goals at work, find better hobbies, or improve your health and well-being.  Staying motivated and healthy during a global pandemic can be a struggle. In 2020 we’ve set on the couch a lot and binge-watched TV shows ate lots of comfort foods, and lost motivation to exercise. Sounds familiar? We hear you. After months of isolation and lack of socializing it’s hard to maintain a healthy lifestyle routine. It’s time to get off the couch and focus on wellness for the new year. We need to create better-eating habits, try to exercise more, and change the scenery often.  

Eat a healthy diet

Whether you would like to shed a few pounds or just want to feel stronger and healthier now is the time to establish good eating habits you can follow all year long. We all have the opportunity to cook at home more often and experiment with new healthier recipes and meal prep for the week. Cooking at home has its benefits, it gives you control over the ingredients and also helps increase your consumption of more nutritious foods. It also gives you a feeling of accomplishment and can be a fun way to start a new hobby. There are so many new cookbooks on the market that focus on healthy diets such as Mediterranean Diet, Whole30, Keto, Dash, and Flexitarian diet, perhaps you can try one of them this year. Most of these new diets focus on reducing processed foods and focus on meals full of fruits, vegetables, legumes, whole grain, nuts, seeds, fish, and meat. If a diet is difficult to follow for you try a meal delivery kit. They are fun and easy to put together and focus on healthy meals with portion control.  Another great tool to use is to download a healthy app on your phone, such as “Noom” that teaches you tips and tricks on what to eat. The coronavirus pandemic has changed the way we eat and shop for food, as well as renewed our interest in staying healthy. With that in mind stick to a well-balanced diet and take your vitamins to boost your immune system in 2021!  

Stay active

Regular exercise has many benefits for physical and mental well-being. To find a fun way to stay active you do not need expensive equipment. You do not need to buy a Peloton or a fancy treadmill to achieve your fitness goals. You can now find many free at-home workout classes, apps that offer live classes and enjoy the great outdoors. Exercising and being active for even 20 minutes a day can provide you with more energy, boost your immune system, and provide a healthy detox. Physical activity also gets your blood flowing, releases endorphins, and decreases signs of fatigue. Get your body moving and heart pumping outdoors. Go on a walk or hike to get that much-needed vitamin D. Do not forget your mental health. Make sure you meditate or take a yoga class. Take time to unwind and relax. Schedule a massage, take a power nap, do a facial at home, make a warm cup of tea, and enjoy the peace and quiet with a good book. Stay connected with friends and family via social media, Zoom, or socially distant outdoor walks. Try to maintain a sense of positive thinking.

Change of scenery

A change of scenery is proven to boost your well-being, mood, and productivity. The pandemic interrupted many people’s travel plans in 2020, however with the vaccines available on the market and hopes for a safer future, now is the time to start planning your spring getaway to Cape Cod. There is a wealth of cozy towns, stunning beaches to walk on, and many hiking and biking trails to explore. The spring is just around the corner and now is the time to book your stay at The Old Harbor Inn and take advantage of our Buy 2 Get 1 FREE promotion and perhaps include our Wellness package. This package includes massages, yoga classes, a healthy breakfast daily, and a full itinerary for outdoor activities that will keep you active during your stay. Our spa rooms are equipped with cozy bathrooms, high-end amenities, fireplaces, and everything you will need for a relaxing spring getaway.

How The Old Harbor Inn will keep you safe and healthy in 2021?

We continue to work hard to improve your experience at The Old Harbor Inn. We learned a lot in 2020 on how to keep you all safe during your stay. Wearing a mask, maintaining a safe distance from others, and washing our hands frequently are going to remain important in 2021. We’ve created the Stay Safe, Stay Small page on our website where you can find all the updated information on all the cleaning procedures, flexible cancelation policy, dining options, and restrictions.

We cannot wait to welcome you at the Inn this Spring!

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